The earthquake that is the Open Gaming License

Hey there!

I know I haven’t been around in a while (maybe even so much that few know who I am. XD )

In any event, I think many of you have heard of the news regarding what can be considered the foundation of many modern RPG systems: The OGL.

For those who haven’t, I thought I might leave some helpful links here:

Gizmodo Article

Paizo Announces System-Neutral Open RPG License

Offizielle Ankündigung: Ulisses und die ORC

Probably because of the recent popularity even in online streaming this has even reached the top of twitch - where Asmongold reacted to a video about the subject, amassing over 500k views.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

I have to say, regardless of the outcome I think this ORC and Paizo’s plans sound like a very good idea and step towards a less centralized future in RPGing.

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Our discord has been very active discussing the license there is new opinions shared pretty much every day. ^^

Not saying you have to be there just if you want to hear / read opinions most of us have chimed in on there

Thopthes … that rings a vague bell. Can’t quite place it …

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a hint … arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :pirate_flag:

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Mmm … Blackbeard? Henry Morgan? Captain Kidd?

Whichever of those doesn’t dread knocking over Jenga towers on purpose. Or submarines, or pirate kings, or vampires, or systems, if they matter for that matter.

Those were the days.

How’s life been treating you?

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A bit low on RPGing unfortunately. Been missing tournaments, Action Castle and random one shots.

And yourself?

Please, stop torturing my heart!


But to contribute with a more meaningful way to the original post, thanks for the links to @Thopthes and @cat4laugh, I’ll check them.

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Sorry, missed this. Mainly been playing D&D and CoC of late. We’ll have to get together for another one of those random one-shots sometime …

Otherwise, doing peachy!

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Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s like Chinese Democracy at this point, isn’t it?

In a nutshell, aside from a general tendency to procrastinate, I simply haven’t had anything interesting to say. The 4th tournament – the one with The Puzzle That Nobody Solved – pretty much summed up what I think this style of play is about.

(I still regret the scoring that year, by the way. That really should’ve been a tie.)

But never say never. I’ve had an idea percolating for a bit that just might work as a tournament … We’ll see.