The Dark Knight Rises

I guess there are some people on the board planning to see the movie, and although it’s still about a month until it’s released here’s something that might be of interest found on the Haydn Cinema website:

[quote]The Batman Triple Feature!
July 24th

BATMAN BEGINS at 6.30 pm
THE DARK KNIGHT at 9.00 pm

Tickets available now only at the cash desk

Reservations only 1 week in advance[/quote]

BTW, the 24th is a Tuesday, so if you have to work on Wednesday this is probably not an option.


Yeah, that would be awesome - if I wasn’t working on Wednesday :frowning:

I agrew with Julie. A midnight showing doesn’t get me to bed until about 3h30 to 4h00 AM. It’s waaaay to late for my old decrepit self…

So what did everyone think about the film?

I personally thought it was amazing. Ally was not looking forward to seeing the film at all but even she was blown away by it. There was a particularly brutal scene that was hard to watch but the ending gave me goosebumps. Loved it.

I really liked the way the fights between Bane and Batman were shot and brought to screen. In the other movies of the line the fights were shown with fast cuts and rather shaky. Here the camera was pretty steady and captured the beating really well.

All in all the movie was a worthy ending of the trilogy (even though it’s open to more movies in the same continuity).

That’s all I want to say without spoilers.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed…
Imo, it is a good Nolan movie, but not a good Batman movie.

I (as a comic book nerd) was expecting/hoping for something closer to Knightfall.
And I can’t imagine that they’ll do a sequel without Nolan and Bale. There will be rumors about a Catwoman spin-off or stuff like that, but in the end they will reboot the franchise (as usual).

they stil could do that superman/batman cross-over with bale.

Well, don’t they have a justice league project in the work?

And, I too, was a bit disappointed in the movie… I guess the story never managed to pull me in…

There are rumors about a JLA movie for some time now…

But I don’t think there will be a Justice League movie in the near future. The problem is, D.C. doesn’t own the rights to the characters, like Marvel does. Afaik, the heroes belong to their creators (it would cost a fortune to get the rights to use all the characters). That makes a big crossover movie, like JLA/JSA/Titans highly unlikely.

Well, Marvel does have the same problem, that’s why Spiderman (Sony) didn’t have a cameo in the Avengers (Marvel/Disney) movie (and the other way round).
Also an X-Men / Avengers crossover isn’t possible, due to the rights being at different studios (Marvel/Disney and Fox IIRC).

I didn’t know that. Thanks for clarifying.
So, that means there will be no “New Avengers” movie… ;(

the real big problem here will be that in the shield series and in the wolverine movie as far as i understand it they arent allowed to mention anything of that “Lore” on screen