The Avengers

This is actually Simon’s idea but as I want to add something I chose to post it right away.

The Avengers starts on Thursday (26th) and I’d like to watch it either on Sunday or Monday (Tuesday the 1st of May is a holiday). Friday and Saturday are more or less out of question because Dov’s group plays on Friday and Neil’s group plays on Saturday.

I’d also like to suggest the English Cinema Haydn, it’s my favorite cinema and easy to reach. Opening times aren’t out yet, but I guess they want matter much.

So if anyone wants to watch the movie and meet some of the people here please post your preferred day.

So, the Avengers movie comes out, apparently, Thurdsay the 26th.

So, what I suggest, is to go on Friday.

Maybe we could meet at the cinema around 8h00- 8h30ish, buy the tickets (to be sure they do not get sold out) and then go for dinner before going back to the movie (and meet there the people that did not feel like having a dinner).

I don’t know what cinema to go to. The Haydn shows movies in English, but I believe Phillip has another one he would rather go to…

Anyway, just throwing it out there, if people are interested, we can iron out the details…

Ho… Hello! Fancy meeting you there…

Ok, I just posted another message on the same subjects, great minds and all that…

Both days would work for me…

Yeah, Siobhan told me that they play on Friday and therefore I wanted to mention it. Well now Neil has to clean up a bit :wink:.

Edit: If you guys are OK with Haydn and because it’s most likely gonna be Cinema A:

I usually prefer row ten seat 9 or 10 as it’s pretty much the middle of the screen width and you don’t have a row directly in front of you, so you can stretch your legs a bit. I don’t like sitting far in the back, because then the screen looks so small :wink:

2nd edit: because of renovations everything behind row 16 is closed off.

It turns out the Haydn IS the one on the Mariahhilferstrasse. So that is VERY convenient for me.

Yep, that’s the theater I had noticed too…

Sounds like a nice idea. I’m in, too!
Both days would work for me, as well.

Sunday I’m in. Monday I can’t. I’m at university until 20:30 - 21:00 on monday.

I would like to come too :slight_smile:

After watching Thor in English, I think I will be able to understand most of The Avengers.

Count me in.

Have we decided on a date&time yet?

At Haydn Sunday times would be 3.15, 5.50 or 8.30. I would prefer 5.50, but not sure if that’s considered too early by others.

Edit: I just reserved 8 seats for the Sunday 5.50 showing, as my favorite spot was still available. I reserved just in case others are OK with the time, otherwise I can still cancel. Oh and the movie is 143 minutes long, so the 8.30 showing would run too late for me.

ok, in all honesty, I am just not that excited for the Avengers :frowning:. But have a great time, guys!

But Joss Whedon wrote and directed it, and it’s so rare that an American blockbuster launches earlier around the world than in the US. :wink: :mrgreen:

I’m amazed that the fanboys (at least I assume it was them) already managed to push the movie into the imdb Top 250, and that the TDKR fanboys weren’t able to avert it, has anyone seen parts of the online war being fought over these two movies? Ridiculous and kinda scary :frowning:

1 ticket for me please, and maybe I will need a second one, but it’s not sure yet.

And thanks for organizing!

What is TDKR?

Joss Whedon wrote it? I did not know that. You just said the magic words, my friend. One, please :smiley:.

The Dark Knight Returns.

I’ll be there too…

Same here.

Hey, Simon, you can get my ticket :wink:

Hey, Simon, you can get my ticket :wink:[/quote]

You are not coming, finally?