Thanks a lot, System Matters guys

For this Thursday’s game, I came up with a little indie-ish system I’d like to try out. But now I’m having second thoughts about whether the system fits the scenario. That’s what I get for listening to you you System Matters people! :mrgreen:



Welcome to the dark side. Here, have some Cookies… and please don’t mind that dude in the corner over there. His name is Ron and he thinks he runs this place. Better ignore him and just enjoy yourself.

Hey, it’s not funny. I have an investigative scenario about the nature of art, and a system inspired by Alrik and Def Leppard …

And must … resist … the dark side!

Oh wow, can i pleeeease play at your table? :slight_smile:

Would love to play that too.

Just as long as you’re aware that this game might well end up “going to Wisconsin” …

I’m totally in for that stuff.

Warning. -H- may or surely may have been replaced by an identical robot. Do not let your guard down.