Tasha's - 2 Classes Preview (D&D 5E)

Preview for first two sub-classes published:

Barbarian - Path of Wild Magic

Warlocl: The Genie

What do think (In the new AL Rules there is also a preview how the Origin System will work.

What do you think?

… not sure how to like that fluff-wise - reminds me of the Spellplague-stuff in D&D4E

… fluff-wise very nice … the Limited Wish could be misused brutally though

That is the first time I see a d3 mentioned in 5e. Not sure if I like that…

Barbarian is definitely better than the massively unbalanced unearthed Arcana.
I like that the different origin rules encourages a story reason for the difference to standard abilities. Why does your half orc speak ignan and not orcish - well he was kidnapped and raised by a fire cult. Not sure how I feel about free moving of Stat benefits around in terms of people just optomising…

If you wanna optimize you picked a specific race in the past. What I like that we will more diversity in race because you don’t pick a race because of the stats. There will be maybe orc bards which are as good as an Tiefling Bards at the starting level. Certainly every flexibility will open room for optimization

I think my compromise for stat benefits would have ended up as you can choose one of the key stats to change rather than all of them. Some races definitely have better racial abilities beyond stats (eg warforged) and I would hate to see that is what people end up selecting by. I know that wasn’t the intention, I just worry that might end up the outcome…

It is actually not the first time, it has been used before, specificially for magic items such as the Wand of Magic Detection or some Ioun Stones.

Anyways, I’ve just ordered a new set of dice, this time including a real d3 :smiley:

I think the re-work of race mechanics is just atrocious, at least from what I’ve seen so far. There are a bunch of third party supplements that released in recent months that do a much better job at this. I actually think the outcome of the WotC mechanics (at least what I have seen so far) directly undermines the design intention, but this might be going too much into the crunch of game design now.

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I also actually agree with both @Samgiblett and @PatrickD. Racial diversity is always interesting and offers great role-playing opportunities if thought is put into the choice, but if you remove mechanic of stats being tied to races it leaves only features. And again, like with the racial stat bonuses in the standard rules, min/maxer become tempted with picking a class now just because they offer better features than others mechanic-wise.

But then again: it’s way too easy to find flaws in 5e and this is in my point of view not a problem with the variant rules but with the system itself.

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