Just realised I haven’t made an introduction thread, sorry about that!

I’m Neil, I’m from England and I’m a bit of geek. :wink:
I’ve lived in Austria for 3 years now, but if you heard me speak German you’d think I’d lived here for about 10 minutes. I work as a Native Speaker for the StadtSchulrat. Berlitz before then and studied Audio Engineering back in England.

As far as RPGs go, I started via old text adventures, up through point and clicks then onto the big guns like Baldur’s Gate and unhealthy amounts of Neverwinter Nights. WoW saw some action as well as KOToR, Mass Effect and the Elder Scrolls. I’ve always had a passing interest in Tabletop RPGs but never really knew anyone else who played plus I was quite happy with the computer RPGs…but I’d always eventually lose interest in every computer RPG as I began to see the limits of the system…something I knew I wouldn’t have a problem with with TT RPGs.

At the beginning of this year (and knowing how many Native English speakers there at in the city) I decided to put the feelers out and ask if anyone was interested in playing the likes of D&D in English and I received far more replies than I expected.

That put me in touch with AmLash and Philipp and together with Alissa (my incredibly patient girlfriend!) we started a Pathfinder group that’s still ongoing. Since then the messages were still coming in every couple of weeks from people who also wanted to RPG in Vienna. I felt awful having to turn people down so I had the idea to start something online where we could all meet and have a chat. The result of that is what you’re reading right now…Let’s see where it leads us!..

Well, that’s really nice of you of putting this thing together… I am sure that a lot of gamers will get to meet and indulge thanks to your efforts!

Hey Neil!

I am actually taking some courses in Berlitz!!! That is funny… Anyhow, Thanks for putting up this site. Kinda nice to have a group of people interested in TT RPG…