T-shirts with quality print in Vienna?

Hi all,

Need to print some T-Shirts for our ‘Night of the Rollinig Dice’ event and was wondering if there is a place (on or offline) you can recommend to order from? Like with reasonable price and quality print that stay beyound few washes.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience!

I sadly don’t remember where we got the 5 year anniversary shirts from (at least mine are still holding up great with their ~6 years or so of age by now)

having said that, IPrinter at Ignaz-Köck-Straße / SCN ( iPrinter | Textildrucke - Wir bedrucken dein Shirt ) looks interesting and has pretty decent reviews

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I personally get my shirts from here:

Great customer service and the quality is nothing to sneeze at either.

I can recommend this Vienna shop:


Promotexx, I believe.

I second that. While maybe a little pricey, the shirts I produced at Guter Stoff always turned out to be of excellent quality.

Awesome, tons of good leads. Will start with Guter Stoff I think