Hi everybody,
yesterday at PlanetHarry i have come across this “thing” here:

and i would like to know if anyone of you would be interested in this “cute” DungeonCrawl^^

oh and BEWARE the minis are to be glued together first^^
probably greenstuff also needed

The art and minis look cool. But having to clue all those minis together first? ouch.
at least six pieces per mini? OUCH!

Reminds me a bit too much of gluing space marine arms on…Not something I’d wanna do again for a while!

That said, did you get a game in? How does it play?

I’m in!

…if someone else glues the minis.

i would glue them^^
but i dont know if its actually fun xD

never plasyed it

but the reviews sound great

Sounds like a lot of fun - if you guys try it sometime, I’m in too :slight_smile:

hi guys xD
i could play it on the AniNite and i freaking love it xD
it is funny, easy to learn, and there will be so many expansions _

next time i have money i definitly will buy it