Sunday, 3 pm - One More Opening


We have a great group already for Sunday’s game (an all-star lineup of Siobhan, Noel, Simon and Michael), but there’s room for one more if anyone cares to join us.

System: TBD
Genre: TBD
Setting: Vienna, next Monday

Just drop me a line if you’re interested.


And let me know, I moved and need to send out the map to my new place. It’s in the plan but was delayed at work and need to do more shopping before the places close…

Also, I only have 4.5 chairs so far, so I’ll need to pick up another one if a 6th player shows up…

Noel will not be joining us :frowning:.

Da sucks…

Well, doesn’t that throw a spanner into the works of the scenario I had in mind. And I had quite the cool character planned for Noel, too… Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Fortunately, Thoptes will be jumping in to take Noel’s place (and chair). That means there’s still room for one more if anyone is interested.

See you all tomorrow. This could be … interesting. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, to ward off any confusion:

We, the real people, meet tomorrow, Sunday, at three, at Simon’s bachelor pad.

Your characters, the fake people, will be playing through events beginning on Monday morning, in a world that may have quite a bit in common with our own.

See you there!

Thanks for the game -H- it was fun!

Thanks for hosting, Simon! I had fun, too.

Interesting game, wasn’t it? (You guys are crazy… :smiley:)