Still 1 Seat Left! - Spire One-Shot

Hi all!

There are still 2 seats left for my Spire table on 1st July! Anyone who is interested, please let me know, and for more info on the game, please see my previous post.

@xaosseed @jboimler , in the meantime I have attached all the materials necessary to make characters, including creation instructions and info on the 15 released classes. As a quick reminder, instead of Hit Points, Spire uses 5 Resistances - Blood, Mind, Reputation, Silver and Shadow, which can all be impacted by various situations. Please start with the “Spire_Characters” file first, as this provides you with the instructions to use any class and the character sheet.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Sin_Characters-compressed.pdf (2.3 MB)
Spire_Blood Witch-compressed.pdf (880.6 KB)
Spire_Characters-compressed.pdf (1.6 MB)
Spire_Character Sheet.pdf (338.1 KB)
Strata_Characters.pdf (753.4 KB)

new to this forum, but i’d be very much interested (and i also have friend who might be too) , when would you play? sadly i only have time after around 3 or 4pm, maybe even 5

edit: little bit about me, i usually GM about 90% d&d, but would like to branch out into other rpgs more. i actually have the spire book at home, but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the message!

Unfortunately the times are pretty fixed for this first one, but I’d be happy to run another session a few weeks after! Are the weekends generally good for you and your friend?

I’m the opposite in terms of GMing - I’ve only ever GMed Spire and only play D&D!

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that’d be great! generall yes, the next few weekends might be a bit full already though. from the weekend 22nd/23rd of july it gets less busy for us.

where do you play btw?

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If it’s in the afternoon then we can play somewhere like Pickwick’s near Schwedenplatz. If it’s not too crazy hot, then there are even a couple of suggestions I have for quiet outside places relatively central.

If it’s in the evening, it could be trickier to find a place but it’s not impossible. We can figure it out depending on the timing of the next one.

I like the look of the Mortician Executioner a lot, I think I’ll be going with that.

Wielding the dread bureaucracy of Spire sounds like a rich seam for mischief…

@xaosseed @jboimler, do you have any more decisions on characters? It would be great to get character sheets (by DM if preferred), just to prep a bit for the session, and also so we can create the last PC bonds required by the character creation step! These are more helpful in campaigns but might still allow me to make some interesting hooks.

Hi! I’m pretty much new here but I’d really like to join the game. I remember playing Heart: The City Beneath from the same designers and I really liked it :slight_smile: This one looks just as interesting.

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Hi @lorien885, great! Would love to have you.

Could you please look through the character materials and start pulling a character together? It would be great to have it ahead of time so I can plan a bit for Saturday.

According to the forecast, it has the potential for rain, so I suggest meeting at Pickwick’s at 13:30 unless there are any strong objections?

I go for the carrion-priest class.

What do you want us to prepare and bring to the session? (I’ve never played spire before so any input is appreciated)

I made a Lajhan character with a Spy durance. Would he be alright? Also I can’t post the character sheet here cause it says new users can’t attach files :frowning:

It would be great for everyone to tell me the following as soon as possible:

Your character name (anything goes that is not a joke name)
Your character class and durance (background)
Your two low advances that you choose at character creation

I already see one of the @xaosseed characters is a Mortician Executioner, @jboimler is going for a Carrion Priest and @lorien885 is going for a Lahjan with a Spy durance. This is already a great combo of characters already. So giving me the rest of the info will really help me set the right atmosphere.

For the session itself, you just need to bring your character sheets and make sure you have also chosen your equipment beforehand. That is not important for me to know now, but important for you to have. If you have any D10s, those would also be useful to bring, but I will also being my many D10s in any case. Other dice will also be useful for some other rolls.

But that should be all! We’ll spend a short bit of time at the beginning covering basic rules, back story and deciding bonds quickly.

Your character name:

  • Urlor Kilep

Your character class and durance:

  • Carrion Priest (Hyena: Guard, Scent)
  • Occultist

Your two low advances that you choose at character creation:

  • Charnel’s mark
  • Rip and tear

Character name: Alastair Ravenshadow

Class and durance: Lahjan Spy

Advances: Build Bridges and Scryatrix Nascen.

sounds awesome

have fun everyone :elf: :spider_web:

Bron ‘Leadpipe’ Stoneshadow
Class: Mortician Executioner
Durance: Agent
Low advances:

  • Bureaucratic Assassination
  • Corpsefinder General

So just FYI, the 4th player at the table will be playing an Idol, so it will be a very interesting crew!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, 13:30 at Pickwick’s!

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Is it full

Still 1 seat left! Interested to join?