Starting a new campaign! (Shadowrun/DnD/DSA/etc.)

Hi everyone!

@TheH0bbit and I would be interested in starting a new English-language campaign (since we normally play in German). We are very interested in Shadowrun at the moment, but would definitely be willing to play something else if there is a Dungen Master available!

As for experience, we’ve been playing DSA in German for a little over a year now, but we’re still by no means experts. We’ve also tested out DnD and Shadowrun (and we listen to podcasts of both relatively frequently).

So, if you are also interested in joining a campaign (or are a DM who can put up with a little incompetence for a bit), let us know and we’ll get this party started!

hey there @LindleyJo ! I can be DM for DnD 5e version! I have been planning for a new group. I am happy to teach beginners too. @Dusan and @SuWe were also interested in a new group?

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I’m definitely in if you take me! I have a friend who would be interested too, I think. Thank you for the invetation!

Totally :smiley:

I would be interrested to play or maybe do some oneshots as a GM. So if there’s still space available I’ll be happy to join in. ^^

Hello, I’m likely too late, but I would be thrilled to play. I have a tiny amount of D&D experience, and a solid foundation of the SWN and FFG SW Rulesets, the former as a GM. I’ve also delved into Shadowrun previously, but only for one session.

If there is still space I would love to join as well.

hey guys, my campaign is full already, sorry.

Would Love to join next thursday at spielbar

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