Starting a medieval/Renaissance ensemble

Hey fellas,

since I’ve first landed on this forum, it has been a cornucopia of good things. New friends, new groups, new everything.

Now I want to take it to the next level. I am an amateur (really amateur) recorder (Blockfloete) player. I’ve been concentrating on soprano recorder and tin whistle, together with some other more exotic flutes (such as the Persian ney).

Now, playing is great, but playing together is majestic! I have been looking elsewhere for guitarists/percussionists/flute players (anything that you can bring to the table, really) that are also interested like me in Early music and that would like to play together, but to no avail.

So, leveraging on the stereotype that RPG players (especially D&D) tend to have a fancy for the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, I now make this public and ask if anybody would be interested in playing pieces from those periods.

When I say this, I’m thinking of Renaissance repertoire, but I never disdain videogame music (say Jeremy Soule - Elder Scrolls - Marcin Przybyłowicz - The Witcher), Celtic tunes, Medieval tavern ballads and dance tunes, you get the gist of it.

If anybody is interested, speak up!

…and who knows? Maybe one day D&D groups will hire us to perform live at their sessions!


Is it to late to revive this?

For me the stereotype clearly holds true. I came to RPGs for my interest in late medieval history.
Plus I like to play Ukulele and Guitar, mostly traditional or traditionally inspired music. And I’ve been trying out some late medieval stuff too.

I have to add though that I’m still pretty bad at playing alongside others. So maybe we can start by exchanging some cool tunes and tips :smiley:


@ohmi never too late to revive this! Sorry it took a while to answer, don’t know why my browser would not send me notifications.

We should definitely meet up and try something. I have also never played alongside others, so it could surely be a growth experience for both of us.

Are you based in Vienna? :slight_smile:

alright so we got a band for rpgvienna’s next anniversary party (whenever we may hold one that is) ? :smiley:

I’m saying it now and I’m saying it loud. If we manage to pull this stunt, I promise we will come and liven up rpgvienna’s next anniversary party. Btw, how old is rpgvienna?

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Last year we celebrated the 5 year anniversary, so we are at about 6 and a half i think

Whoa, hold on let’s see how the first session goes :smiley:

Yes, I’m based in vienna. You too?
I dont have a lot of free time in the next week. But maybe we could meet on sunday?

I will write you a PM

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