SR5 "The old hospital" and "The hunting party"

Both runs have been played by my groups before and have been adapted to 2nd through 5th edition. These are of course only the starting points of both adventures. I wont take no more than five players preferably four per run. Who ever is very keen on playing Shadowrun can of course paricipate in both.

“The old hospital”

Your fixer invites you to meet some unsusual Mr. Johnson. This astonishingly normal looking person (surely some megacorp low level management as far as you can tell) is even about to announce himself by his real name and is just stopped by the fixer. You can tell this is not a pro. And the money he offers is also not the most appealing. On the other hand 500 nuyen is more than standing outside some remote nightclub could make you in one night and that guy has some sad story to tell…

Some years ago his mother had died and by this he had learned tha he had an aunt. Since she was his only living relative he stated to look for this much younger sister of his mother. The only thing he found was that she had some kind of illness (maybe mentally?) and had been brought to som hospital in the early 30s. The hospital had burned in the 50s and even though it was not in that bad shape it had never reopened after the fire nor had it been brought down to make room for new buildings. Your Mr. Johnson asumes there must be some kind of archive within the building. Since only one wing was damaged back then he asks you to overcome the “heavy” security and enter the building to look for more information on his aunt.

A quick look reveals that the security contains some seemingly unattended fences and some barb wire so 500 seem ok for some nostalgic investigations for some normal guy…

“The hunting party”

The story on this job is told to you by your fixer herself…

“Well… There is that con, let’s say his employees are into Asian folklore and the color red… They have a guest. Some guy from somewhere in Europe. Never heard about him but those guys are pretty intrested that he has some fun while he is over here and this guy is totally into hunting… NO… not what you’re thinking…nothing pervert. Good old classy hunting. You know on animals…on normal animals not even paracritters! And you know what? This corporation has invited him to do some hunting. They even got permission to do it in salish woods. Don’t wanna know how much that cost em. You see the point is that guy is some pretty wise guy and he doesn’t trust those red-lovers… Or maybe he’s just told not to trust them… Howsoever he wants to bring some people of his own and since those con-guys still want him to sign whatever contract they’re up to they agreed on this. Sad thing that guy hasn’t brought enough people by himself… What a fine gentleman you’d be to help him out. Easy money isn’t it?”

I’ll try to update this post so we can arrange the groups.

TOH: -H-, Thoptes
THP: Auburney
undefined: Dartbinks, Simon

I’d be in on ‘the old hospital’.

I’d be interested in playing either games.

I’d be interested in both :sunglasses:


Do the adventures have pregenerated characters, or should we build our own runners?

I’ll bring some characters but just for avoiding too much time loss. If you want to build your own character in advance and just bring it, I’m fine with that. Basic priority building rules 5th edition. Though I haven’t gotten too far into hacking yet and not at all into technomancers. So kindly spare me those, especially since both are not of much use. (aside from some background checks that might require minor hacking/decking skills… which are totally okay to be part of your character…)

I’d gladly play either game! But if I have to choose, I’d go for THP as you correctly already put down I see :slight_smile: So this is just to say I stick by that preference - but if on Thursday the other game should happen, I’d like to join it anyway!