Spooky introduction

Hello hello Im Ghost! People also call me Ada or Wusel, I use She/they pronouns and im 21!
Ive lived in Vienna for a good long while now and have lived in Austria in general for almost all of the 21 years ive been existing so technically I shouldnt have any problems speaking in german and stuff

Ive very recently picked my love for DND and Tabletop games back up but most of my friends very rarely have the time to play or in general just arent interested to do so, therefor I am here and im just… looking around tbh?
I am fairly socially anxious and even when im trying my best, interacting with people that are entirely new to me especially in bigger groups is just a little too hard for me but I want to try my best especially now because I got my passion back :`)

Honestly dont know what else to say so I will leave it at that I guess?
Im also in the Discord server?? Yes, thats all
Have a nice day everyone!


Hi hello hi and welcome! Feel free to hop in any of the weekly games on…as it has been Friday or Saturday!

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