Spontaneous Sunday game?

Weather’s great. Anybody up for a spontaneous game tomorrow?

Shady spot in the park, maybe 3ish? Call of Cthulhu?

Three players and we’re go. Tentacles and ooze guaranteed!


Id be up

Same here

I can even run a cthulthu game if you want.

Well, if you’re offering, that would be delightful!

3 o’clock, Türkischer Brunnen?

By the way, you need a 3G thingy for that part of the park today. But you guys got your shots anyway, right?

See you later!

We got three players? Ah screw it, Im coming:)

Same here, see you at 3

Ill be a lil late


That was fantastic. Seriously. Thank you!

Since you said you have another one … maybe in two weeks?


Well see closer to the date^_^

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