Split flags?

Since flags seem to be so prominent in profiles here, I’d love to see split flags (Austria+other) for those of us who have been here so long we no longer know where we belong…

Nice forum, by the way!

That’s a cool idea. I really like it.

I’m assuming you’d be after a US-Austria split?

That would be nice, yes. I have no idea how difficult this would be, and please don’t go to any trouble just because of me - I just thought that in a forum such as this, it might be a useful distinction to have.


It’s a ten minute job (one of the reasons why I think it’s a cool idea :wink:)

How about you elaborate on your introduction post and schau ma mal ? :slight_smile:

Oo, blackmail! I like this place already… :mrgreen:

And this sort of multiculturalism is exactly what I mean. :wink: