Spire (The City Must Fall) - Trial One-shot 1st July

Hi RPGers!

Like most of you here, I am a D&D player, but I also have a strong interest in GMing Spire games, having run 2 mini campaigns in the past already (~10 sessions each).

Spire is set in a vertical city ruled by high elves. As players, you play dark elves from the city’s oppressed underclass, forming a cell of resistance as part of a secret illegal organisation. All situations, including combat, are resolved by D10s and stress can be assigned to attributes beyond hit points, affecting your abilities to act stealthily or perform at full capacity.

I am looking to run a one-shot to see if there’s interest in Spire here in Vienna and to see if I’ve still got it ;). I’ll be running a table from 13:30-17:30 on Saturday 1st July, and still have 2 open spaces for anyone who would like to join! The one-shot will be a hit job on an influencial weapons dealer at a party you’re not invited to, so will give plenty of opportunity for deceit, stealth and action.

Once we have the table fixed, I will provide all the materials necessary to prepare Spire characters from the choice of the 15 official classes.

Of course, if there is a lot of interest, I will also consider re-running the scenario at another time. I look forward to hearing from you!


Looking forward to this!

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