Spielefest Wien 2012 - Games Convention Vienna

Homepage link - only available in german…

Date: November 16th to 18th, 9am to 7pm.

Most of the things shown are board- and cardgames, but there are booths with videogames and roleplaying games as well.
On most booths you get a decent explanation of games and many even offer short demo-rounds.
There’s also a game-lending area, where you can borrow most games and play them on your own.

My girlfriend and I will be there on the 17th.

Anyone of you looking to attend?

Honestly, I wasn’t really impressed when I went to that Con two years ago…
They were heavily focused on boardgames and entertainment for kids.
There was a room for RPGs and tabletops, but it felt less than what Harry offers in his shop. :wink:

I think the VFGC is more suited for players like us, but if some of you decide to go there I might show up too.

That sounds interesting AND easy to get to! It’s in my calendar, but I won’t be able to say anything firmly until closer to the date.

So, the Spielefest is only a week away now.

My GF and I will be there, as will Bazhell, as I heard yesterday.
Who else plans on participating?

Too poor.
But I wish you a lot of fun there.

I’m not coming, but wish you guys fun!

Well, it was nice!

They expanded the LARP-section, and let dressed people in at no fee.
The main focus was still board- and kids games, but the consoles got (or used) less space (but that space was now used for dolls).

Games I’m probably going to buy:

  • Thunderstone Advance(liked the original, the new Base-set is good for starting, compatible with the previous expansions, has a bit new rules that build upon or chanbe the old ones. Streamlined and made better)
  • Die Zwerge (plays a bit like Fury of Dracula but without one player having to take over the evil side.)

Games I’m going to give a second look:

  • Santa Cruz
  • Die Legende von Andor