Spielbar, Thusday August 16

Who plans to come, who could run a game?

I can come (assuming there will be more players)

I think I might be able to show up aswell.

(Assuming we play tonight) why don’t you run your one-shot game, which you’ve mentioneda few months earlier? If I remember correctly, it required up to 4 player

Since it’s quite sudden that I’m able to come I don’t have it ready right now. And after some people playing through it I realized it took an average of 10 hours to play through. :confused:

Looking at the number of people and that nobody seems to have any specific thing to run, I would excuse myself tonight. (unless one of you was excited to run something for two players)

Okay, let’s postpone this session

All hail!
Just wanted to ask what system is being played today and if I can participate?

I’m sorry but it seems like there’s not enough people to run something today.
And if it’s that way I will excuse myself aswell. Have a nice evening lad’s. :blush:

No Problem! I wrote that answer some hours ago, but it just poped up some minutes before.

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