Spielbar Thursday the 21st


Hello guys!

Who can make it this week?


Want to. But don’t know yet.


I will be there.


Hopefully I’ll be there


Will be there.


I will be there this time come hell or high water :slight_smile:
(I’m still a beginner though so I might need some extra explanations)


I will be there and I try to bring another player.

@yamasan don’t worry, every game will start with explanation of the rules, no previous experience required.


I will be there.


What games are you actually playing? Maybe i’ll be there too today for the first time.


If anybody wants to join us for a pre-RPG drink and geekwatch some soccerball, we’ll be at Secret Noodle Place at 5. See you there!

SNP is at the corner of Arne Carlsson Park, 5 minutes from Spielbar.

Oo, spoiler!


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