Spielbar, Thursday, May 9th 2019

Alright, who can make it?

I’ll try to have a one shot of D&D to run…

I’ll be there

is it going to be a thing now where there will be constant confusion because there are two threads for Thursday meetups ?
also would you have pre gens for dnd and which edition would it be ?

I’d be in, might bring a +1 =)
It’s 5e I assume? Should we prepare characters, if yes, which tier (/preferred classes)?

I thought Simon said D&D? :slight_smile:

See you on Thursday!

I could also run a 5e oneshot if there are more players coming.

I could run “A wild sheep chase”, “horror at havel’s cross” or a homebrew adventure.

All of these are Tier 1.

My prepared homebrew adventure is a 4-5 session mini-campaign though.

I might be in. What time?

I’ll be there.

@RandolphCarter we usually aim to start around 19:30

sorry I will not be able to make it tomorrow

I have to cancel too, I got sick.

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