Spielbar, Thursday, March 1st

Who is planning to be at Spielbar this week?


I’ll be there

Hi all, my name’s Amar,

I am on old 2e DnD player/dm who was, after many years, drawn back into rpg’s by the 5e. Also enjoy trying out other systems and setups - so far i played a bit of Runequest, PF, Star Wars, MERP, Vampire and some homebrews.
Would also be interested in playing Cuthulhu and Pendragon.

Hoping to make it tomorrow, and maybe fill in an empty seat.


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I think I will be there.

Edit: Never mind, it´s too cold for me. Maybe next time.

I will also be there.

I should be there

I am planning on being there too

I’ll probably be there

I will also be there for the first time today : )

Feeling a bit under the weather, so it’s probably wisest to bow out this week. Have fun, and catch you next Thursday!

are you still accepting new players?

We only play one shots in Thursdays - so just showing up (ideally before 8) and playing is fine.

Saying you will show up helps (so we have an idea of how many people are going to be here, so we know how many games to plan).

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