Spielbar, Thursday, December 12: Endings

I have a game for Thursday. Or rather an idea for a game.

I’m not sure what it will be about, since the players always decide these things, but I think it will be about endings.

It’ll incorporate real-life events of a serious nature. If you don’t like that sort of thing, you won’t enjoy this. It might not be particularly fun anyway. It might not even be much of a game, in the sense of winning or losing. But it might be interesting.

So you’re basically saying that you have an envelope prepared.

You had me at “I have a game” :wink:
See you on Thursday

This sounds suprisingly serious from you…

Nevertheless, I’m in!

Well, not yet. But I have a couple ideas for things that might make their way onto that envelope.

Here’s the beginning: “Ten years ago, on a cold, wintry day in Iowa in 1959 …”

That’s it so far. I’m hoping there’ll be more.

And here I was thinking that all my games are serious. Crud. :slight_smile:

See you tomorrow!

Actually, @H just drops 5-10 words on an envelope, which then turns to a great Tournamet game!

And here I was thinking that all my games are serious.

So all your Chutulu games were…real? Yikes!

I will be there!

Excellent last thought before turning off the light at night!

Anyway, a bit more background for anybody who is on the fence. If you want to go in cold, don’t read the following.

A couple days ago, I was reading through one of those Best Songs of 2019 lists, and was struck by the fact that most of the stuff that was big or important or interesting - Old Town Road, Bad Guy, Bags, etc. - was by Gen Z, for Gen Z. There’s been a generational shift going on for a while now, and now it’s pretty much complete. Just as Britney put an end to Gen X’s claim to music, Billie Eilish did for Millennials. And since the '10s are on their very last legs, that got me thinking about the way we classify generations and decades, and how these things and others reach their conclusions, and that there’s a game tucked away in there somewehere.

So that’s what this will be all about. Let’s call it a cross between the April 4 game and the KLF game.

Roleplayingwise, it’ll be a bit experimental as well. There won’t be a lot of obvious goals - no dragons to slay, no royal offspring to rescue. Mainly, it’ll be about the experience. We’ll see how it goes.

See you soon!

Public transportation woes. Walking. There shortly …

Here’s the Link to the article that wrapped up last night’s scenario (note the names at the bottom).

Thanks again for a fun evening, and thanks for going along with the experiment. But hey, how often do you have the chance to play seven characters in one evening?

Happy holidays!

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