Spielbar, Thursday, April 11, 02019: International Louie Louie Day

It’s Louie Louie Day! And what better way to celebrate than with a game at Spielbar?

Who’s in? Who has something to run? I could probably put together a little something (superheroes, perhaps?), but let’s see who’s coming and how many tables we’ll need.

See you on Thursday!

I’ll be there as a player.

I am planning on being there and could probably run another game of Prowlers, for sure…

I’ll be there as a player (I might run something next time)

@H: once you’ve ran (or just wanted to run?) a music-based adventure, maybe that would be fitting
(But I’m happy with Superheroes as well)

I’ll be there

No! Louie Louie as a player!

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Not me. I’m only happy with Louie Louie this Thursday!


You people are simply not taking this seriously …

I will try to be there as well. I could try to run Symbaroum - recently purchased it and I really like it, but till now never had the chance to play.

Happy Louie Louie Day!

Yes. But both Alrik and Simon (and family) have played the KLF game, and I think that Grimm scenario wouldn’t be new to everyone, either.

Also, while last Thursday was great, I’d be grateful for the opportunity to sit back, play, and recharge this week. I’m guessing those who were there will understand, and since two people have offered to DM, I’ll accept that offer with thanks.

Be more than happy to re-run either of the music games at some point if anybody’s interested, of course, but let’s go with another week.

Speaking of last week, I love how not a single person clicked on a link providing a hint to the scenario, but everybody clicks on Louie Louie. In that spirit:

Louie Zeppelin
Louie Pop
Clash Louie
Beach Louie
Grateful Louie
Louie Doors
Trogg Louie
Louie Jett
Piano Louie
Louie Petty
Louie House
Louie Harry
Smashing Louie
Fat Louie
Flag Louie
King Louis
Louis Redding
Marching Louie
Boss Louie
John, Paul, George & Louie
Nobel Louie

And so on. Me gotta go. Enjoy.

Have a great holiday, and see you tonight!

Motörlouie ^^ i like that one.
But I have a small familiy emegency that deserves my attantion, therefore I won’t be there today.

So Led Louie is just a “And so on” to you?

Anyway, great list, Louie.

See you tonight

Top of the list:

And love Deep Louie - thanks! Catch you in a few!

What I learned from yesterday’s game: Even if it isn’t a whodunit, I dunit.

And yes, I totally deserved it for abusing my superpower. Stupid physics. Well played, and thanks for another great evening!

Speaking of which, I hope everybody’s having a fantastic Yuri’s Night! Party like you’re traveling at 107,000 km/h … even faster than Alabama Slammer!

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