Spielbar: Thursday 9/10/15. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

Any plans? Are the Holmesians all going to be around?

See you on Thursday!

I’ll be there…

Sorry guys I’m not feeling se well this morning so I won’t be making it.

Christoph said he wanted to come.

will be there :slight_smile:

I should be there

I might show up tonight. It’s been a while!

see ya

Alrik, Alrik … nope, sorry, doesn’t ring any bells. :smiley:

So who’s running something tonight? I have nothing planned, but can pull something out of my, um, shelf if needed.

Wasn’t there some legend of a facepainted warrior, that went on a quest to infect others with his colourfulness and hunt some orange stags?

Alrik … wasn’t that the Swedish guy? ^^

won’t be able to prepare something for today
was busy playing U.N.C.L.E this week :laughing:
(I could dm something next week)

Yay! Gerd ist wieder da!

I intend to be there. Could bring Queeste again if needed. Or that Arthurian board game.

I will make it! Feeling better.