Spielbar: Thursday 8/06/15. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

Heya new week : )

any plans?

if need I could dm THIS (although Chylli had stated in advanced, that she cannot stand D&D 5^^)

anyone else?

I’ll be there again this time and could run something if a second-table alternate is desired.

See you there!

I will be there, happy to play anything.


Nothing should stop me this week, so I’ll be coming over. Is anyone ususlly arriving earlier?

I’ll try to make it this week as well.

Have fun with as much D&D5 as you can bear. I’m busy this week anyways xD

See you (hopefully) next week.
Last two weeks before holidays are always busy…

I will swing by late about 10ish.

Hi, so I’m new on this board, but I’m going to try to be there tonight.

So we will be 7 tonight + 1 extra late arriving Australian
hmm sounds like two tables

I’ll see what I can come up with.

Well, that was a fun tragedy full of timeless themes. Redemption leads to death, ambition leads to destruction, health spas lead to zombification.

Thanks, Darth!