Spielbar: Thursday 7/30/15. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

Heya :slight_smile:

any plans?

(If there is “need”, I could dm a new D&D 5 OneShot^^, but I have no problem with waiting, if someone else wants to dm something)

I’m back from vacation and I will be there. I could also dm something for OSRPG (OS stands for OverSimplified) if needed.

I will be there too, but I dont know if I will play in anything.

I know I said I was back, but I won’t make it tonight, sorry - urgently need to put my craft armour skill to use before next week, and it’s not that great, so I’ll need a few rolls!

Chances are good I’ll be there.

An I’d totally love to do anything but D&D5 xD


So the russian spy escaped via a zeppelin, but Sir Jefferson Statham aided by his mechanical monkey had prevented the spies from getting their hands on the secred military plans made by Nicola Tesla.
In addition Sir Jefferson Statham did get a lot of allies: The press, Scotland Yard, the noble inventor and is wife all thanked him. He even got invited for tea by the Queen, who thanked him for his courage.
… and there was also this other guy, who’s name I totally forgot.
(was a great cook btw.)