Spielbar: Thursday 7/2/15. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

What could be finer than games & drinks on a summer evening?

Any plans yet? I’d be up for running a little something if there’s nothing else on the schedule.

Hosting Orpheus this Thursday so it won’t happen this week for me. But thank god for the AC in my flat. XD

No specific plans except for actually making it for once xD

I will be there this week!

and there was much rejoicing


Kind of 50-50 for myself and Vanessa at the moment.
I’ll let you know tomorrow.

I am planning on making it.

I don’t have anything to run and only limited brain power…

Aye, limited brain power here too.

Tonight’s game may be a bit … Simonian.

Proceed with caution!

Now who would have thought that Lydia would turn out to be right? :smiley:

See! I know the truth! All hail the Old One!

You mean the Antiquatis Awesomelaseri ?