Spielbar: Thursday 6/25/15. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

Hello guys!

Who can make it this Thursday?
I am thinking about running a game of D&D 5th Ed.
Fairly open ended, improvisational stuff, once the party leaves railroad station (difficult not to railroad people at the beginning of a one-shot).

I think I should make it again this week.

Should be there, can run something if we need a second table. Perhaps Hollow Earth or something like that.

See you on Thursday!

I’ll be there, just me though.
I’ll have to leave around 10:30ish though

Doesn’t look like I’ll make it after all, sorry. Next week I hope

I’ll be there. See you later

Hi, Katharina and I will be there this week. :slight_smile:

Not making it guys.

Hi guys, last-minute update: really sorry but it looks like medical stuff is going to keep us away this week. Sorry! Hope to make it to a meetup soon.

Won’t make it, stuck at the office.

Likewise stuck. Might try to join later. Simon is on his way …

On my way. Just leav ing work now

Are any of you coming? Just two of us waiting here