Spielbar: Thursday 6/18/15. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

What’s the word for this week’s entertainment? A reprise of Simon’s adventure? If not, I could run something hopelessly old school …

See you on Thursday!

I dunno. Last week was not very successful…

I will make it this week, my friend Chris as well maybe

Not sure if I’ll make it.

@Simon: I totally like your campaign, it’s just that I have a profound dislike for D&D 5 :smiley:

Vanessa and I will likely be there.
I will see if I can bring a D&D 5E dame along, only game I’m able to run.
If we end up not using it, that’s not a problem.

I’ll be there with a +1

Sounds like a good turnout this week. Anybody up for a game or two of liar’s dice ahead of the evening’s main attractions, say around 6:30?

See you tonight!

Vanessa and I will be there for 18:30. We will have to leaver around 22:00ish though (just mentioning it as it looks like I’ll be running something).