Spielbar: Thursday 3/12/15. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

Come celebrate the traditional Faroese festival of Grækarismessa with us on March 12! Or just hang out and play some RPGs …

A Traveller reprise was mentioned, and there may well be openings for new crew members. The pay isn’t great, various crime lords may wish to shorten your life span, and the authorities (the real ones, this time), might want a word with you, but hey, it’s a living.

See you next Thursday!

Both Vanessa and I will be participating again, this merchant will try to allow others to rp more this time…hopefully I’m too busy counting my money hint hint.

We picked up some dice so we will be fully equipped this time.

Looking forward to Thursday

I should be there this week…

I’ll try to make it this week. :wink:

I’ll be there, might drag some people along who are seconded to us at the moment.

“Oh Hickersberger … why have you failed us !!!”

see you on thursday :slight_smile:

Should be there.

Hey guys! I will be there on the 12th to introduce myself to the gamers out there and make you hate me as soon as possible! :stuck_out_tongue:
Only 1 question: do you think I should prepare a D&D pg or just drop by?

Ironbeard if you have the time and will to prepare something everyone will appreciate it, what we play on the night, however depends on how many people come and what people want to play. It’s always good if there is another person with something to play.
Also what does the pg stand for?
And finally challenge accepted! We shall see what happens first, we scare you off or you work your magic.

Hi everyone,
it is the first time for me that i participate on one of the Thursday gaming night, did i need to know something or need to bring something specific ?

Ooops, we might be filming tomorrow because it’s too rainy today. I should still be there, but might be running late…

Optimistic to be there.

Pens, pencils and dice Gotti. If you want to run something you will need that too. See you tonight hope we don’t scare you off.

Too windy for the drone today, so no filming. I hope to be there.

I’m back in town and looking forward to joining up tonight!!

Then again, perhaps it would be fitting to postpone the scheduled Traveller episode and play a Discworld game instead?

Can’t go. Too much work. ;(

same here :’(

sorry guys (again)

That would be a beautiful tribute to the good sir.

<== Neither looks nor acts like Vetinari. Hmpf.