Spielbar: Thursday 26/03/2015. Open Gaming Night. 19h30


What games? What DM? What players?

I will be there, and bringing a friend

Won’t be there this time.

I could run a second episode of Traveller if there’s interest.

I’d like that

I’d like that too : )

I’d be interested in Traveller if you will have one more player!

I was very disappointed i missed the previous one, we’re in too if there’s room!

80% positive I’ll be there.

I will be there =)

I’m coming too

Looking like two tables again. Any volunteers to run a second game?

Unless voxels or soilmovers are involved I fear I won’t have enough fantasy to do that.

Hi, I’ll be there with Katharina and Sophie!

Looks like it’s getting quite full in here :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, is anyone interested in playing Netrunner? I have some new cards that I’d like to try out. Anyone interested in meeting a little earlier for that?

Got here early, but seeing as i don’t actually know any of you yet, would someone mind just grabbing me from the bar?

Please don’t wait for me. Probably very late or not coming at all :frowning: