Spielbar: Thursday 25/09/14. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

Any dm plans for this week?^^

on an unrelated note: Rock-Karaoke is @ Charly P’s at this Monday
Singing starts at 10p.m.

Out of curiosity - how long do these evenings usually last? I’d love to swing by at some point (perhaps only after my giant exam at uni) but I have to get to work Friday-Morning…

depends - but not before 11p.m.

Usually around 11:30 midnight’ish

Edit: From what it looks like now I won’t make it this week either. Have fun guys.

I’ll be there and could run U.C.P.D. Episode 2: The Case of the Cooked Crustacean, if desired. However, since I’ll be DMing quite a bit in October, others who want to run things should have priority.

See you on Thursday!

Normally, I should be able to attend, but I don’t have anything prepared to DM…

Pendiis of course always an option. Also,I ran a game of Wild Talents a few weeks ago, maybe I could r-run that…

I would need to rework the pre-gen, however… Character generation is a bit complex…

I’d like to drop by again this week again.

Will be there as usual.

I’ll be there. It will probably be several weeks if not months before I run another mystery game, however the next one won’t be as clean and neat. que evil laughter
I can bring Eclipse Phase as a just incase but I believe there were requests for this game and those people won’t be attending. Also I’m needed in the U.C.P.D. game.

I’ll be there too. Being occupied with work and other stuff I’m afraid, that I can’t offer anything right now… but I’ll have some indie-action for you soon! I’m already cooking…

Despite my efforts it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it tonight. Big software upgrade at work and they keep pushing it back further and further into the evening. I’ll be there another time soon guys and girls. Have fun!

OK, I’ll bring +1