Spielbar: Thursday 22/1/15. Open Gaming Night. 7pm


I will probably try to run a japanese RPG again (which one depends on my mood on Thursday :laughing: )

see you :slight_smile:

P.S.: maximum number of players would be 5 in any case

I just DMed, so I’m happy to sit back and play, but if we’re looking at a big crowd again I can certainly run a little something. There’s a half-baked, untested, Alrik-inspired indie system I’ve been wanting to throw at you …

(There will be an all-new Paranoia scenario for those who still want to play at some point, but preferably not this week.)

See you next Thursday!

I fear I lost my paranoia clearance…

I won’t be there this week… Work stuff.

I will be there.

I’m coming. The Japanese RPG sounds interesting.

I’m going to be out of town this week. Catch y’all next time!

Finally my chance again for a game xD

me and my beloved will be there this time

I’ve got to skip this week. See ya next week

I’m planning to attend!

Not sure if I’ll be there. Tends to get a bit to late for me.

I can’t make it tonight :frowning: Hope to see you all next week!

So today will be Tenra Bansho Zero time

The scenario could handle 3-5 players (at least I hope so^^).

see you :slight_smile:

Will be There but will leave “early” (around half past ten ish)

Update: Melanie called. She will be there too.

won’t make it after all, sry! Have fun and see y’all next week :slight_smile:

It was very, very awesome :smiley:

In the weekend I will post a link to a pdf of the scenario we played yesterday.

[quote=“Darthbinks”]It was very, very awesome :smiley:

In the weekend I will post a link to a pdf of the scenario we played yesterday.[/quote]

[spoiler=“The TBZ Scenario from 22/01/15”]Lotus Blossom’s Bridal Path

  • written by Albert Hwang

Changes I made:[ul]
[li]recalculated all PCs and noticed a few mistakes[/li]
[li]therefore statted all PC from scratch, with some attribute changes here and there[/li]
[li]build all PC only with templates (just for fun)[/li]
[li]“Kaneyori’s” Karma = 90; “Lotus Blossom’s” = 80; all others’ = 85;[/li]
[li]gave “Lotus Blossom” her Empty Fist martial art (again)[/li]
[li]calculated the attribute changes during transformation in “Rena’s (Chie’s)” and “Soujiro’s” character sheets.[/li]
[li]would have used the optional rule that “Kaneyori’s” Art of War Style changes to True Illusion, if he would change or would buy off his “Hatred of War” Fate.[/li]
[li]therefore changed Kaneyori’s Knowledge to the same level as his Senses.[/li]
[li]changed the name of “Chie” to “Rena”, because “Chie” sounds to similar to “Chi”, for my taste.[/li]
[li]changed “Flying Razor’s” Art of War Style to Celestial Kongohki.[/li]
[li]changed the bandit encounter in the scenario into a flying cyborg ninja scout team, that looks for survivors[/li]
[li]put an encounter with a wandering Oni tribe into the scenario.[/li][/ul][/spoiler]