Spielbar: Thursday 21/05/2015. Open Gaming Night. 19h30

What the plan, crew?

I believe H won’t be here this week…

Vanessa and I won’t be able to make it sadly

Wow looks like there won’t be many people this week. I’ll be there if I see more people are coming.

Might just be you and me simon.

Hello, I bring lots of people!

So my friends from overseas are visiting and we think it’d be fun to bring them along!

So we’d be 3 more-or-less regulars and 2 total newcomers. Does anyone fancy DMing for us? Sorry this is ultra last-minute but this whole trip has been kind of hectic!

Dominik is pending. So potentional extra.

I’m coming

Wow, a lot of people finally.

I can DM, but I don’t have anything ready.
I guess I can always improvise something

I can do a murder mystery…

Sounds ok to me

However if you have something on standby simon that would be great. Just in case. The mystery might be solved really quickly.

Sounds great, thanks so much! My friends haven’t played before so something small/simple is not necessarily a bad thing!

Hi again, guys, I’m so sorry to cancel so late but my friends are really wiped out after a day of travelling, and my girlfriend and her friend are really busy with work so it looks like we won’t be coming after all. :’( I’m so sorry to cancel on you, and I’m really sorry if anyone prepared anything for us!

Indeed, I did put together a quick 5th Ed. adventure.

I’ll be there in spirit! Still in Marseille physically, though.

Oh, sorry to hear that.
Next time hopefuly!