Spielbar: Thursday 2/12/15. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

Come one, come all …

Any plans yet? I’d be up for running a little something from my list of projects.

I can come - should be able to join more regularly now; roped someone else into exercising my mount on Thursdays. Saves me having to roll high on my ride check on a Friday.

If I didn’t know you have a horse…

I never had a horse; so I should be able to attend…

I’ll be there.

So now it is “Do you have the horse?” instead of the ring?

I’ll be able to make it this week. See you!

It’s 50:50 that I will show up.
Will post tomorrow.

have fun

Will make it today :slight_smile:

see you guys

I’ll see whether I can find the prepared Queeste adventure I had, but if not, will bring another game just in case.

Not sure if I’ll come. Have an early and important meeting tomorrow morning and we tend to finish a bit to late for getting a sufficient amount of sleep.

So I was watching QI the other day, and thought to myself: Now this would make a cool role-playing game …

The QI engine. Somebody talk me out of this.

I totally love Stephen Fry and been watching QI (witch btw is short for quiet interesting) for years now… In fact he was the only acceptable substitute for Douglas Adams when they revisited the “last chance to see” locations… And Adams is pretty high ranking in my personal pantheon…

…Well no, no talking you out of this.

Your funeral! :smiley:

Still at the office…

…late today, early tomorrow… No gaming for me this week. :frowning:

:frowning: Aww - don’t they realise that gaming is more important than work?

Hi everyone, sorry we haven’t been by in a while! We’d like to drop by this evening but we’ll be busy until about 7ish, so we don’t know exactly when we’ll be able to come by. Is it ok if we turn up and join a game?

Edit: oh dear, turns out we couldn’t make it after all! :frowning: Hope you guys had fun. We’ll try for next week instead!