Spielbar: Thursday 18/12/14. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

I will try to make it this week … hopefully^^

Planning to come too.

H’s journalists will meet early to finish up the article.

This week should go without any surprises. Will be there.

Looks like I won’t be able to make it.

I will be there but late. I finish work at 8 so a bit after 8 is when I will be there probably with dominik.

Will try to make it again this week!

Same here.

I am not going to be there. I have something with work…

So do we actually have something resembling a plan?

I suppose the conclusion of the journalism session will be postponed since Simon will be busy drinking eggnog? I could offer either a re-run of last week’s game for those who haven’t played (hopefully with slightly better DMing) or a holiday-themed scenario if desired. Thoughts?

Oh yes, a latish start would be desirable for me, too, if possible. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

I could dm somtheing (one of the japanese rpgs, or Shadowrun or a certain roman-esque dungeoncrawl)

… else I would like to join the -H- rerun of Alrik x Def Leppard

see you tomorrow : )

I won’t be able to join tonight :frowning: And the same goes for the next couple of weeks - leaving Vienna for the winter break, will check in as soon as I’m back in January. Have great holidays everybody! :slight_smile:

Actually, thanks to you System Matters people, I shelved the Alrik-Leppard game (which is really more an Alrik-Dilbert-Leppard system, anyway) as being inappropriate for the scenario, and dutifully replaced it with a system which turned out to be inappropriate for the scenario.

Oh well.

I’m coming, but running a bit late - should be there by around 8