Spielbar: Thursday 18/09/14. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

Hi! New thread for next week opened.

I’m back after a few weeks of summer break. Don’t know what’s going on and if any continued games are planned. But I’m really looking forward to seeing you again!!

Hi! Who are you again?

(I’m sorry, I really have to stop joking about things like this. Don’t mind me.)

Anyway, by special post-birthday request, I’ll probably be running U.C.P.D. this week. See you on Thursday!

I should be there.

H, can you exchange the stickies?

Hey guys I’m back and I’m bad.
Anywho assuming there is enough people I can run one of three options I have prepared.

Mutants and Masterminds was something I had going. Superhero fun kicking superass.

My Mystery/Detective game. I have a murder case and something else cooking.

And finally something I’ve been wanting to do for a while Eclipse Phase… It’s already been done and there seemed to be a good reaction so I am more willing now to give it a go.
So you have a bit of an idea of what you will be getting into he is a quick brief.

With all of Transhumanity’s advances in technology the temp. immortality will be our focus. Now with the ability to copy and paste our minds with easy several megacorps leaped into existence to take advantage of this though few survived Backup Insurance remains strong. A simple process of of paying a fee, there are a variety of premiums, and when your body dies either your cortical stack is retrieved or you are revived from your back up. Should your cortical stack be lost, left in a dangerous place ect Backup Insurance makes no promise to retrieve it. Simply if it requires little effort they will retrieve it otherwise they use your last backup.
This is where we come in. Known as The Retrievalists, a subcorp of Backup Insurance, for a price will retrieve your lost cortical stack no matter where it is as long as it is feasibly doable and realistically in one piece. This may mean busting into a hypercorp station, finding the lab and grabbing the right cortical stack and then fighting your way out to as boring as searching a section of space where someone was spaced, locating the body and thus the cortical stack.

So let me know where the interest is and if we have enough people I will run. Otherwise hell yeah here comes Judge Fredd.

The Eclipse Phase pitch sounds great! If possible not this week though as I already signed up for H’s game and couldn’t bear the thought of missing another Eclipse game.

Nooooooo you cannot dm something. I’m still waiting for my date with skunkman and this wont happen if you wont participate…

Is Neil coming? As I said I will run if there is too many people and nobody else will/can and I have other options than the eclipse phase.

Don’t even think of running this without me!

Well… It’s nice to see my games being booked I just hope everyone can meet on the same week.

Hey everyone! Finally back in Vienna and looking forward to seeing you guys. Hope there’ll be room at one of our tables for me tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’m here this week too and ready to play! I’ll jump into any open game :slight_smile: See you all tomorrow!

My friends shared this with me… Much truth to be had.

I’ll come. I’m happy to join any table.

Hey guys! Sorry to say that I can’t make it tonight after all :frowning: Have fun and see you next week! :slight_smile:

I won’t make it either. Have fun!

So, who poisoned the chocolate?

In the end that was not the important question… well ok, it was… but… ah forget about it. It was not Joe :stuck_out_tongue: