Spielbar: Thursday 16/10/14. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

next time:

-H- will dm the final run of this year’s tournament adventure

Good Luck!!!


depending how many people will show up GodKingTom and/or I will dm Eclipse Phase (my adventure would be a re-run of this one for all who missed it)

see you

Restarting work tomorrow so I guess I’ll be there on thursday too.

Will join and most likely bring someone by as well.

Definitely comming!

I’ll come too
See you there

I should be able to make it. Not sure yet though.

Hey guys as Darth has spoken either he and/or I will be running Eclipse Phase. I will be running with the traditional system though.

As a taste as to what I propose:
With all of Transhumanity’s advances in technology the temp. immortality will be our focus. Now with the ability to copy and paste our minds with ease several megacorps leapt into existence to take advantage of this, though few survived Backup Insurance remains strong. A simple process of of paying a fee, there are a variety of premiums, and when your body dies either your cortical stack, a constant back up of your mind, is retrieved or you are revived from your back up. Should your cortical stack be lost, left in a dangerous place ect Backup Insurance makes no promise to retrieve it. Simply if it requires little effort they will retrieve it otherwise they use your last backup.
This is where we come in. Known as The Retrievalists, unofficially a subcorp of Backup Insurance, for a hefty price will retrieve your lost cortical stack no matter where it is as long as it is feasibly doable and realistically in one piece. This may mean busting into a hypercorp station, finding the lab and grabbing the right cortical stack and then fighting your way out to as boring as searching a section of space where someone was spaced, locating the body and thus the cortical stack.

Look forward to running with you guys and seeing how you ruin every NPC’s day. :smiley:

Seeing as this could be over 7 players, it’s possible we’ll see a split into 2 groups? We’ll see…

Yeah, I’m not gonna make it this week. Have fun guys!

Well so much about my enthusiasm - turns out no dice tonight. Something came up.
I’ll see you fine folks next week then instead!

Unrelated, but I’d like to reserve a table for next month as I’d like to playtest something silly. It involves staking~

I WAS in time when I arrived at the bus stop, that was 20 min ago and I’m still waiting…