Spielbar: Thursday 15/1/15. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

Rejoice, citizens! The Computer has decreed that there will be more games next Thursday!

By popular demand, I’ll be running another session of Paranoia at one of the tables. This will be an all-new scenario. If you’d like to play, please make sure to bring clearance denied. This is very important; otherwise, you may not be able to participate.

See you next week!

I would like to continue the superhero game with Captain Saudi and the other superheroes from the Interconinental Trifactor team:

… but Paranoia sounds like a lot of fun too!

Same as last week… As fas as I haven’t imploded yet, I’ll be there…

I will be there. Superheroes is available and this time I promise to bring all 10 superhero characters, hopefully all completed. Also note guys I’m also open to suggestions for superheroes. Sometimes heroes will die or move on leaving the pile of available heroes and more means more choice for the players.
I’m also totally up for paranoia.

I’ll be there again this week :slight_smile:

Paranoia, Superheroes, all of those sound nice!

I will be there.

Back in Vienna and looking forward to seeing you guys this Thursday :slight_smile:

I’d like to join Paranoia. Is there still space? What do I have to bring?

I am not 100% sure, but I think I can attend, and I would love both paranoia and M&M…

Aside from clearance denied, please bring Form H-37-G67RC46b (in triplicate), unless you qualify under Exceptions BG-9552B or BG-9236Z, in which case you can simply bring Forms T-617-58TZb2.3, F-87-VF764-G, and Z-968-78UT*45.

If you like, you can also print out access denied and this character sheet.

See you Thursday!

I’m back in the country and ready to join in again!

As I have been away for so long, and am unfamiliar with both games, I will see what has open space when I arrive!!! Can’t wait to see you all again! (And to introduce myself to those I have not yet met.)

I’ll join! Superhero sounds fun

I’ll be there for paranoia, since I missed it last week :wink:

Edit: on second thought, I’m feeling really under the weather today. Think it’s best if I skip this week. Sorry.

“Nooooo Shadowman … we neeed you!” :laughing:

Sounds good! Thanks!

Thanks for the fun evening gang!

Springfield will never be the same…