Spielbar: Thursday 14/08/14. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

I’ll try to be there :slight_smile:

Me too!

I want to run/start the D&D next starter kit.
As mentioned earlier, it is a fairly king adventure but I will run the first bit and see if we want to continue it beyond this one session…

I’ll be there and I’d be very interested in seeing more of D&D next.

Dang, gonna miss the second opportunity to play D&D next.

I’ll be back in September. Have fun!

Looks like I’ve convinced the entourage to come. Me + 3 or 4.

Wow, that’s almost a full table just there.

Any game in particular you guys would like to play?

I’d be up for dnd next as well!
Our i could DM 3.5 or pathfinder or arcana evolved or iron heroes if a second DM is needed.

Count me in for D&D Next :smiley:

Ninja Edit: The pre-made character sheets are available online:


And someone made a DM screen too:


Edit 2 (I promise I’ll stop) I can also bring the battle maps for the first 2 encounters if you like.

I’ll very likely be there as well on thursday - and I’d also like to check out Next, but if the table is too full (i think GM+5 is ideal, Simon said?), I’d be up to play anything :slight_smile:

I’ll do me best to be there too! Holiday on friday too. Hurrah!

I’ll try to be there as well. Getting a shot at D&D would be great.
Hmm, this session seems to get raid-sized :wink:

If a second DM wants to run D&D Next, I can bring my Starter Set a little early. The intro to the adventure is pretty short. Almost no preparation is required, and it can all be played by theatre of mind.

I would like to get some D&D experience playing a PC before I start DMing.

I’ll be there on thursday >>>fourteenth<<<< as well, and I am too very happy about the holiday on Friday the fifteenth…

And I’m most tempted to do my shadowrun one-shot for it certainly will be one of the later endings and the holiday is very convenient for that purpose.

So we have what, around 7,000 people coming? Any games etched in stone yet?

As mentioned previously, I have a police procedural (or something like that) that I’d like to run. This’ll be a one-shot for something like 4-5 players, which might evolve into an occasionally recurring series if the pilot does well.

Oh yes: If you’re of the opinion that player characters should be more powerful than your average schmoe, you might want to give this one a miss.

Greetings from Bell-Jum - apparently it’s a real place after all!

Chylli NNNNOOOOOOOOooooooo!
If you run the Shadowrun thing, I’ll have to play that! And then I wont get to check out Next, AGAIN!!!

Oh, the horror of decisions! The pain of too many awesome games to choose from! Where are my dice - I feel another all-deciding diceroll coming up this week… :mrgreen:

The police procedural always sounded interesting as well. I might have to use a dice the results of which can be divided by three, then.

Since I have another free friday next week I can postpone the shadowrun session by one week. As long as enough players are in for a long session next week…

Well I for one wouldn’t mind a bit longer session any day. But I have to admit I wasn’t being entirely serious in my previous post - by all means don’t let me keep you if you are motivated to run something :wink:

I’ll hopefully live to check out Next some other day - it should be around for a while now, after all

…and from the numbers of people that are threate-, erm, promising! :wink: to turn up, it looks like we could use all the GMs we can get, really.
3 tables seem likely this coming thursday, if the forecasts hold true.

I’ll be there! If we have the need for a gm I will be available and prepared but as always I’m happy to play.

Chylli, that sounds totally ace! can I jump in on Shadowrun next week? I quite fancy getting in on H’s ‘police procedural’ which sounds very c(th)ool! :wink:

Hi all

I will come as well. I will bring an adventure for Land of Og, an hilarious game about cavemen. If needed I can GM up to 6 players.

See you tomorrow