Spielbar: Thursday 14/01/16. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

Hi folks,

I should be ready to run a Laundry RPG game this Thursday if anyone’s interested, the scenario would handle roughly 4-6 players. Sound good?


I’m in :slight_smile:

Hi, Sounds great, I’m in :slight_smile:

Yup, sounds fun! I’m in.

Sounds great - looking forward to this!

And if we reach two-table territory, I have a Bowie-inspired scenario I could run as a back-up plan.

See you on Thursday!

Sounds fun

I haven’t played that. But I DMed the Dr Who RPG from the same company and read another book from them, these two ruleset were pretty similar, so I wonder if that will be another iteration… They seem to specialize in adapting British TV series or novels.

Anyway… compounded curiousity and interest on this side…

How, they also publish “Wild talent”, that’s cool…

If there’s still room I’d be up for joining!

As it’s my first join, can I ask… Back of Spielbar on Lederergasse, correct?
Should I bring anything (e.g. dice)? or prepare anything beforehand (e.g. rules)?

Dice are good to bring, but people usually have some they can share if it’s an issue (I always have extras)

The Laundry RPG runs on BRP, the same system as Call of Cthulhu, so most people should be fairly familiar with it. And as long as I have enough time during my break at work, I should be brushed up on the rules enough to help anyone who isn’t (I tend to be pretty flexible and rules-light anyway).

I should be there too.

Sorry, I won’t make it tonight - working on Saturday, so have to catch up with some errands this evening.

Just a warning, I’ll be there closer to 8 as usual.

I’m joining too, see you there

Never, ever trust a DM who says he’s running BRP.

Well, there’s The One Ring, too. They’ve published a huge number of games in the last decade or so.

That reminds me, we really ought to get that game of De Profundis on track one of these days.

In any case, we’re definitely in two-table territory, so I’ll run a side stage to Oddly’s headliner. It’ll probably be something like Apocalypse World, only without the cuddly bits.

Not sure about the system yet. Perhaps BRP.