Spielbar: Thursday 12/17/15. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

Anybody dropping by on Thursday? Or will everybody be at the movies/office party/glühwein pusher?

If anyone’s up for a game, I could offer two options: a spooky little scenario about kids in Wisconsin (hey, that way if the game stinks, you don’t have far to go) that ties in with something we all enjoy, or, to celebrate the date, Star Wars.

For those who care about system (and yes, it does matter, as we learned last week), the former would be BRP (essentially Call of Cthulhu with the sanity filed off), Star Wars would be WEG d6.

I would, of course, be equally happy to play if anybody has something fun cooked up!

I would love to come and play! My leaning is towards Star Wars, as I feel jealous of those going to see the movie already, but as always I’m up for anything. I would have liked to get a game put together to run, but I’m afraid I found no time to sit down whatsoever this weekend, sorry. But I’ll be there on Thursday! (a little late, as usual)

I will be there, and on time this week (honest). I am happy to play whatever, as long the GM doesn’t mind explaining what is going on.

Since my “Paladins in Hell” idea seems to be overly ambitious, at least for the holidays, I’m going to put together some low level (4th) d&d 3.5 characters and an open ended scenario, and have it there as back up each week, just in case it’s needed.

If you have any preference for a character you might like to play, let me know.

Wha-wha-what is going on. What kind of parallel universe did I slip into?

I’m gonna come too. Star Wars!! :laughing:

I will join to you, if you don’t mind. But I don’t familiar with these systems.

I’ll be there too, just cause I want to see the Star Wars madness in Alrik’s eyes.

I should be there too. Either game is fine for me,

Right, Star Wars it is, then!

(Stuff: d6s & pencils)

See you tonight!



Incidentally, we’re getting close to two-table territory. Anybody else have something they can run in a pinch?

I could possibly run something if necessary.

I’ve been working on my back up D&D 3.5 adventure and characters, so I can GM that if we are going to have a 2nd table.

In honor of the new Star Wars film and for those who haven’t discovered the joy of honest trailers…


I could possibly make it but I think it’s better I don’t because the temptation to talk about the new film would be to great and I don’t want to spoil it inadvertently for anyone.

(Yes, I just wanted to brag about already seeing yesterday night. It’s great !)

I might make it but will be late, trying to finish up a thing at work that got out of hand.

Disney’s marketing… AHEM… The dark side is strong. Got a last minute ticket, decided to go see tonight’s screening. Sorry to let you down…


Alright, have fun!

On my way!