Spielbar: Thursday 11/20/14. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

Any plans for next week? I’m looking forward to various games that have been mentioned as coming attractions (such as the mysteries), and also have one that’s been bouncing around my head which I’d like to inflict upon you soon. It’s a modern investigative scenario with potential Columbian, er, conspiratorial elements (and I should probably stop there if I actually want anyone to play the thing), but it might also be about things like the nature of art. You’ve been warned.

Caveat lusor …

Also coming soon by special request: Paranoia. If you’re not familiar with the game, here’s a brief summary:

You don’t have clearance for that.

I sure hope I’ll make it this week mad determination

I would like to run the DVNGEON INVICTVS with other players again (or the Eclipse Fate game, or the Shadowrun adventure) ^^

H’s horror game, Paranoia, Eclipse Phase and Dvngeon Invictvs. All three sound like a lot of fun. I’m in on any of those.

Looking forward to Thursday!

If my players from last time all show up, I’ll be tempted to continue the Viking game (aka How to Tame that Dragon).

Otherwise, I’m up for anything!

Hey guys! So happy I found this community! Is it OK if I come there on Thursday? How does it work if there is a campaign going on already? Should I have my own dice? Thanks!

bringing your own dice certainly helps, but the other players can borrow you some

typically we play one-shot cenarios at the Spielbar, ongoing stuff is rather the exception

Welcome, Laurent!
It’s great to have one more fellow roleplayer in Vienna.
Glad you already found your way towards this thread.
Like Darthbinks already mentioned - no need to worry abour system mastery, dice or ongoing campaigns. Everyone is welcome and we usually have 2 tables with different games going on so you can pick what suits you.

We should usually be in the back of the Spielbar.

See you there!

Guys thanks for your kindness :slight_smile: my dice are back in Italy and will have them shipped with some other stuff next month. Also a friend of mine would like to come and possibly try an RPG for the first time, she knows how RPG works but not specific rules. In case it looks complicated she will be happy just to watch, is that ok?

She has no need to worry as we usually stick to easy-to-learn rules-light systems for these games. You can generally grasp the rules in a couple of minutes.

(Also, sorry guys, a deadline popped up and I’ll have to miss this week. Next week for sure! Have fun, everyone!)

Yep, what GJ said - we don’t normally do too complicated systems, so probably best to just drop by, jump right in and try it out first hand :wink:

Oh and also, welcome to the forum!

Hi all,

I’ll be there too.
I see there is a fellow Italian :smiley:


I will be there.
Also My mystery game is a go! I have finished the prep work, I think. I will bring it with me from now on till I get a chance to run it.

See you all on Thursday, normally, Hildi should also be able to attend…

BTW, I will almost certainly be delayed at work. I don’t think I will make it until 19h45 - 20h00

All right, why don’t we go with that, and I’ll run the game I had planned two weeks later? I’ve DMed plenty of games lately, and don’t want to hog the spotlight. That is, if you’ll have me as a player again …

And welcome aboard, Laurent & friend. Looking forward to meeting you! And don’t worry too much about not knowing specific rules. They let me in even though I mixed up editions on the question on Runequest climbing rules in the entrance exam!

Yay! Mystery game. I’m in, Tom. Let’s see what you’ve come up with this time and how we can dissect it? :wink:

Hi all, the three of us (Katharina, Sophie and I) will be there tonight! So we can hopefully continue Auburney’s “How to Tame that Dragon” (or, from my experience, “How to nearly tame a dragon and then get bitten in half”). :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, i guess I’ll be there too to tell them that taming dragons is not the right way to valhalla.

Chances are about 70%. Depends on my flu and how well I’ll feel.

Huh, hate to postpone this yet again, but I’ll have to - caught some kind of virus or something and am unable to attend tonight I’m afraid :frowning:

And here I was already looking to some more in-half-biting… seems the dragon will have to go hungry for a little while longer… poor thing

oh :frowning:
seems that the next wave of flue strikes again :confused:

recover well !! (it’s the manliest thing to do)

So I will bring the Dvngeon Invictvs out again (since Simon wanted to play that the last time)