Spielbar: Thursday 11/09/14. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

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Chylli will run her 2nd Shadowrun adventure

I want to run a sci-fi game

Setting would be Eclipse Phase with pregenerated characters
I am not quite sure about the system though
(so maybe I will use something different, like FATE or some homebrew)

I’d like to be in the shadowrun game…

Sci-Fi sounds cool. I’d be in.

Sadly, I wont make it next week - or the two weeks after that :frowning:
(Playing at the Theatre blocks my Thursday evenings completely)

If Chylli’s running Shadowrun, I’ll push the cop game to the following week, and since I’ve already had my turn in Seattle, I’ll happily join the SF extravaganza. We don’t get nearly enough good SF here.

(If it should turn out to be another big week, I’d also be able to run Call of Cthulhu or something should we need a third table.)

casts web

Unfortunately work is stealing my thursday afternoon. But I know for sure next week I will be there.

After seeing the files piling up on my desk today I seriously doubt I’ll be able to prepare anything, so I opt for joining someone else’s game.

I would like to be there too :slight_smile:

I’ll be there again. Looks like there’s only a Sci-Fi game going right now? I’m in for anything!

It will be a Transhuman-SciFi game to be exact

The playercharacters will be part of a mirco-corporation in a post-scarcity society favoring collectivist anarchism.
The Setting will be Eclipse Phase (in a spacestation orbiting Titan), but I will use FATE (Nova Praxis) as the ruleset instead (because System Matters!!! :mrgreen:).

I will build the pregenerated characters on wednesday.

Sounds good. Looking foward to it.

So will we all play the SF scenario, or would that be too many people? Do we need a backup plan in case more folks show up?

I am afraid so :confused:

transhuman-player-characters so far:[ul]
[li]an old, brilliant programmer & creative director suffering from Immortality Blues[/li]
[li]a flamboyant PR expert and post-humanism activist[/li]
[li]an energetic, but slightly naive VR/simulspace designer and Underground XP addict[/li]
[li]a curious, uplifted octopus security expert[/li]
[li]an earth-fall evacuee, who is working as an lab technician and only recently joined the spacestation[/li][/ul]

maybe I will build some more
but I’m not sure of the game can handle more than 5-6 PCs
Games with e.g. 8 players tend to be very chaotic^^

As always, if it comes to that, I will improvise something…

Yay, antarctic princesses followed by cowboy-wizards on space horses trying to steal their undead cyber-bunny.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it today. Have fun guys!

reminds me that I wanted to dm Dungeons the Dragoning 7th Ed. 40k one day …^^