Spielbar: Thursday 11/06/15. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

Alright people,

Who can make it?

I will try to get a D&D 5th Ed. ready for then…

done moving :slight_smile:

so I will show up

For one week only, I’m back in Vienna - so count me in!

Yeah! Welcome back Frenchie!

I’ll be there again this week. See you on Thursday!

Planning to join too.

Vanessa and I may be there too

Alas I will not make it

Sooo - what are we playing?

Hello! I am heading to Vienna tomorrow and will join =) I might be arriving a little late though.

I should have my D&C game more or less in good enough shape to run by then…

I’m coming too. See you tonight!

Regarding today’s events I suggest something vampire themed in the style of awfully good Hammer Films productions.