Spielbar: Thursday 10/08/2015. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm


-H- will dm the first row of Tournament groups

Will anyone show up, who doesn’t play (this week) in the tournament?

If yes, I could dm something, if needed.
If someone else wants to run something, I will gladly join as a player.^^

I’m in if I’m not playing in the tournament that night.

Same for me. If I can’t make it into the tournament, I can offer to spawn my own little tournament with my Robert Redshirt RPG Game, as it contains a Fun-Tournament mode. As TV-Crew you would have to beat the other groups viewing rates.

Well I’ll hopefully join the tournament, won’t be here for the next two times.

I’ll be there, one way or the other.

I won’t be there tonight.

I am nursing a bit of a cold…