Spielbar: Thursday 10/01/2015. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

Any plans?

I could dm the Yuuyake Koyake oneshot again for those who have not played it yet

I will come and I would love to play Yuuyake Koyake.

I would like to join this time. Is there a specific table in the Spielbar or how do I recognize you?

I can offer to GM a short Robert Redshirt session (25min timeboxed).

I will come and would like to play Yuuyaake Koyake or anything else if we need to split.

I’ll be there, happy to play and could also run something should we need a (longer) second table. Advanced Fighting Fantasy, perhaps? Or would that cause what was conceived as an indie meet-up to implode?

See you on Thursday!

I…I may actually be there… :astonished:

No, I will be!

I will be there, slightly later than 7:30 as usual

Guess I’ll be there.

I’ve been talking about RPG so much that my roomate will be coming with me tomorrow ^^ She’s never played before but I told it should be fine :wink:

Of course it will be!

I should be there tonight as well.

I’ll be there. Do I need to bring any games? Queeste, with coins?

I unfortunately can’t make it today (well, already missed it). I sure hope next weeks works out better for me …