Spielbar: Thursday 09/29/2015- 19h30

This week will be our traditional Halloween game.

Harald will DM his traditional spooktacular adventure and disguise/ co-play are strongly encouraged!

Thursday 09/30/2015- 19h30 <- thursday is the 29th though

I’ll be there!

I will be there

I will be there too.

Me too.

I will be there, and bring cookies!

Oo, cookies! Chylli also mentioned cupcakes, so there should be plenty of treats to go around, and tonight’s scenario should serve up a trick or two. So join us for costumes, pumpkins, hundreds of people at one table* and a ghoulishly good time tonight!

Daylight saving day? I could definitely use one of those!

See you later!

Incidentally, Simon mentioned that he also had a spooky scenario bouncing around his head. Maybe if we bug him incessantly, er, ask really nicely, he’ll run it for us the following week …

[size=85]* All numbers approximate.[/size]

Sadly, this time, the cake is a lie.

I’m home with a bad cold. :’(
I hate to miss this one especially.

Hopefully see you next week.

Alas and alack!

Get better soon!

I’ll be late. Don’t wait.

Thanks again for the game, H!

You’re welcome, Thopthes - thanks for playing!

Glad you could make it, and hope to see you more often!

Yep, good one!