Spielbar: Thursday 09/22/2015. Open Gaming Night- 19h30

So, what is the plan for this week?

I already have a full table, playing Star Wars.

Who else can make it? Who else can DM?

I could dm a Vampire the Masquerade OneShot
(max Players 5, … 6 if absolute necessary)

Greetings all,

I work with Flora, who told me about how much fun she had at the tournament last week and I was wondering if you have space for one more player? I’ve never played RPG in real life, but have an open mind and am very excited to try it!



I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Always space for one more player!

Looking forward to Vampire. Ages since I played. And definitely time to vacate the DM’s seat for a bit (although I do have a mystery I’d like to spring on you) …

See you tomorrow!

I’ll try to attend this week, but msy not work out. Next one should be a sure bet.

What a coincidence… :wink:

The game will be set in the lovely town of Gary, Indiana ^^

see you :slight_smile:

:arrow_right: LINK

I should be there tonight.

I’ll be there, barring anything unforseen, would like to try Vampire!